PluSport offers a broad and colourful range of traditional and trendy sports programmes for everyone
About PluSport

Centre of expertise

PluSport is the specialist for disability sports in Switzerland. As the umbrella organisation for disability sports in Switzerland, PluSport supports people with disabilities by offering programmes for all types of recreational and competitive sports, for all target groups and all ages, and for all types of disabilities – always with the goal of promoting integration and inclusion.

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Share the stage with disability sports! PluSport offers you a productive platform that associates your company with sport, social commitment and inclusion.  

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Since 1960, PluSport has been serving as the umbrella organisation and centre of expertise for disability sports in Switzerland, offering a broad range of attractive sports programmes in tune with the times.


Integration through sport for 12,000 members – and anyone interested in sport 

Great programme variety 

86 regional sport clubs and 110 sport camps offer programmes in a wide range of traditional and trendy sport disciplines.

Success through quality

The training and continuing education courses that we offer our programme directors on a regular basis ensure that the quality of all of our programmes remains consistently high.

Innovative promotion of sport

Young people are important to us, which is why we offer them opportunities to experience the joy of sport on all levels.

Sport at the highest level

As a co-founder of Swiss Paralympic, we provide support to athletes in order to enable their participation in Swiss and international competitions.

Effective partnerships 

We maintain various sustainable and successful partnerships in several different areas and we continuously strive to expand our networks.

PluSport is just one of many associations, clubs, foundations and institutions in Switzerland that are committed to the establishment and organisation of sporting events with and for people with disabilities. The organisations Procap Schweiz/Procap Sport, Schweizer Paraplegiker- Vereinigung/Rollstuhlsport Schweiz and PluSport Disability Sports Switzerland teamed up five years ago to establish the IG Sport & Handicap interest group. Since that time, IG Sport & Handicap has succeeded in defining and highlighting various important issues. IG Sport & Handicap cooperates with numerous other sport organisations, works to ensure equal opportunity in sport for people with disabilities, and seeks to exploit synergies wherever possible.

Athletic objectives

  • Sport for all target groups – from recreational to competitive sport
  • Youth development in all areas
  • High-quality, needs-based training concept
  • Extensive range of services for our member clubs

Great sports programme variety

  • 110 sport camps
  • 86 sport clubs with 460 programmes
  • 55 sport disciplines
  • 8 funded projects
  • 10 youth development projects
  • 20 sporting events with supporting programmes

Success through training quality

  • More than 80 training and continuing education courses with approximately 800 participants
  • Training staff of 120 instructors
  • More than 20 partnerships with educational institutions and partners
  • Creation of basic and special teaching materials; practice-oriented training approach

    Innovative promotion of sport

    • A closed advancement chain
    • Measures to attract new children/teenagers with disabilities
    • Promotion of young talented athletes
    • Development of new programmes for new target groups
    • Recruitment of new Executive Board members and managers
    • Training for new young members of staff

      Sport at the highest level

      The expansion of sport structures and the establishment of holistic advancement chains in the main Paralympic and non-Paralympic competitive sport disciplines have already led to an increase in the number of athletes in our various squads.

      • Targeted promotion of talented individuals in cooperation with our partners
      • Sport discipline-based support groups
      • Increased success in Swiss and international competitions

      Association management and services for clubs

      The delegate conference is the highest-ranking body of the association, which is managed by an Executive Board whose members serve voluntarily.

      • 12,000 members
      • 86 member clubs
      • 211 voting delegates
      • 7 Executive Board members
      • 8 commissions

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      Download our statutes in german / french

      Who’s who at PluSport?

      The highest governing body of PluSport is the Executive Board (German/French), whose members serve voluntarily. The Executive Board is assisted by strategic commissions (German/French). The administrative office (German/French) in Volketswil houses the executive management team and employees in the Recreational Sport, Competitive Sport and Training, Inclusion as well as Education, Marketing & Fundraising and Finance/IT/Human ressources units. PluSport is also present in french-speaking Switzerland with Antenne Romande and in Ittigen, in the House of Sports.