Education at PluSport is worthwhile for trainers in sport
Training and continuing education in sport

An investment in the future

Periodic training and continuing education courses for disability sports programme directors ensure high-quality activities and programmes at PluSport and our partner organisations. Training and education at PluSport is a worthwhile investment in one’s own future – and in the future of disability sports in Switzerland!

PluSport as a training centre and coordinator

PluSport is an accredited training organisation that serves anyone who works in the field of disability sports or wishes to do so. Our Training and Continuing Education unit also acts as a coordination centre that brings together athletes and specialists in the field of disability sports.

Training unit mission:

  • To safeguard the development of well trained disability sports programme directors and executives
  • To ensure high-quality, needs-based training and continuing education opportunities
  • To promote close cooperation and coordination with sports associations and institutions

Together with its training partners, PluSport organises more than 80 training and continuing education courses every year.

PluSport offers programmes and courses in the following fields:

  • Polysport
  • Swimming
  • Winter Sport
  • Travel and sport camp

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Training cooperation with PluSport

PluSport is a sought-after partner for training and continuing education programmes for physical exercise and sport. Cooperation with universities and technical colleges and with sports associations for both disabled and conventional sport allows students to participate in our high-quality training programme for assistants and gain ECTS college credits in the process. Such partnerships also generate added value for PluSport, as students can subsequently conduct internships and even serve as directors in our sport clubs and at sport camps later on down the line. The director advancement chain thus comes full circle to the benefit of our camps and clubs.

Further information on our training partners in German

Further information on our training partners in French

General guidelines need to be observed when interacting with individuals with disabilities. Tips on how to deal with conflicts can be found here as well:

Guidelines - Reporting on persons with disability